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Rare Book Slueth

I was searching for someone to help me launch a website for my rare book business. I was incredibly lucky to begin working with Ryan as, not only did he help me build a wonderful website, but he helped me with a comprehensive and visionary business plan. My ideas were rather all over the place, and Ryan helped give me direction and laid out a step-by-step action plan. I am now proud to report, thanks to Idea Catalyst, that I have a successful and thriving business that more than exceeds what I thought was possible. I highly recommend his services!

Wow Wood Floors

I met Ryan in the summer of 2016 while trying to grow my hardwood flooring business. We sat down together and we discussed his many proposed ideas for achieving my desired level of success. Within about 3 weeks, I had a new and energized website that provided a transparent and user-friendly experience for my customers. As a result my business revenue grew over 30%. Ryan is truly a business genius and so much more than the average consultant. I highly recommend his services to anyone trying to take the next step with their own company.

- Leo